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4 Kinross Street
P O Box 226
New Zealand

Movie Information Hotline
(03) 577 5559
For the latest in movie information, trailers and screening times we recommend our friends at Flicks. offers listings around the country and their free Flicks smartphone app is a great tool to help you find cinemas, movies and information no matter where you are in New Zealand. 

Phone: (03) 577 8273
Fax: (03) 577 5553
Movie Reviews
There are many movie reviewers out there, some good, some not so good. In our opinion, the only review that matters is the one YOU give to the movie you've just seen. Here's a piece of advice, choose a single reviewer and stick with their reviews, that way you have consistency of review. Our favourite is a lady who's been in the review business for over 25 years, take a look at her reviews at 
Looking for the next big thing in cinema? Here it is. High Frame Rate. Over the last few years you've seen 3D and digital 2D, all very high quality and all at the traditional 24 frames per second. To make the images even more stunning, Peter Jackson shot THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES in 48 frames per second 3D. It's like looking at a postcard that comes to life, the clarity is stunning, the colour is magic. We are one of a select group of cinemas globally which offer HFR 3D, check our schedules for sessions and experience the outstanding visual quality provided.

Ticket Prices

Adults and Students $10, Children and Seniors $9

Every Day Except Tuesdays
Adults: $13.50 prior to 5pm, $16.00 from 5pm onward
Students: $12.00 prior to 5pm, $14.50 from 5pm onward (with current I.D.)
Seniors: $10.50 prior to 5pm, $12.50 from 5pm onward (aged 65 and over)
Children: $10.50 prior to 5pm, $11.00 from 5pm onward

3D Prices

All tickets $12.00 (while offer lasts).

Every Day Except Tuesdays
Adults: $15.50 prior to 5pm, $18.00 from 5pm onward
Students: $14.50 prior to 5pm, $16.50 from 5pm onward (with current I.D.)
Seniors: $12.50 prior to 5pm, $14.50 from 5pm onward (aged 65 and over)
Children: $12.50 prior to 5pm, $12.50 from 5pm onward

The Lounge
All pricing in the lounge is the same as regular cinemas.

Photo I.D required for ALL restricted movies

3-D We offer the latest in 3-D using the Real-D 3-D system. Glasses for use with this system are available for purchase at the candybar for $2.50. We encourage re-use of your glasses both as a saving to you and a reduction in non-biodegradable rubbish. As indicated above, there is a standard $2.00 surcharge for 3-D movies on all ticket prices.

The Lounge

The Lounge is a purpose-built intimate 21 seat auditorium. The Lounge is available for private hire with sufficient advance notice. Due to the limited seats available we strongly recommend prior booking of seats for screenings in The Lounge. Seating is allocated and assures you of the specific seats booked.

Sound Quality

Digital sound is a system that enables the clear reproduction of film sound through multiple speakers in the modern cinema. Thanks to our transition to the international Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standard we offer digital surround sound in all our cinemas. We currently deliver your sound in the industry standard Dolby digital 5.1 format, stay tuned as we move to upgrade our largest cinemas to Dolby digital 7.1 for an even greater cinema experience.


Cinema Hire

Theatre hire available, please contact us for further information.